Bouncing Back To Happiness

Bouncing Back To Happiness

Bad things happen, inequities occur… often completely outside of our control. But even if we did help bring it on ourselves, the steps for Bouncing Back to happiness are still the same.

We don’t Bounce Back to feeling better by blaming, beating ourselves up or by focusing on the problem! Beating ourselves up just reinforces mistakes we are trying to avoid.

We Bounce Back by embracing our goals, our Best Selves and by focusing on what we want to achieve.

We build our skills and our well-being by identifying, implementing and celebrating successful solutions. We improve by rehearsing and reinforcing what’s right, not by Wallowing in Wrongs.

Habitually Happy people move from problems to solutions quickly. They are achievers who feel angst and anger over errors acutely, but they channel those emotions toward rectifying errors and finding superior resolutions. They don’t drain their drive to achieve or waste time tearing themselves down.

See errors and inequities as invitations for growth, change and leadership. Every error we make can strengthen us, making us stronger and wiser.

Sometimes our strength is needed to resolve inequities for others. When this happens, answer the call. Happiness comes from action and activity, from achievement and accomplishment.


Happiness Habit: Skills & Strategies of Habitually Happy People
Copyright 1999 – Michele Moore.  All Rights Reserved. Reprints.

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