Happiness Habits – Send Your Spirit Soaring

In the few moments it take a couple of deep, relaxing breaths you can anchor, focus and then send your spirits soaring with delight.seagull0-1.jpg

See yourself on a beautiful beach, hear the sound of waves breaking, smell the salt air.

Relax, wiggle your toes, feel sand beneath your feet, balance your body effortlessly upright.

Take a couple of deep, Breaking Wave Breathsto the sound of the breaking waves.

See yourself smiling and laughing in your mind’s eye. Feel those feelings, take them on for yourself.

Feel light, relaxed, flexible, fluid, free to soar through the air.
Fill your heart and mind with happiness and delight and send
your spirit soaring with the sea gulls.

See HappinessHabit.com for more happiness insights.

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5 Responses to “Happiness Habits – Send Your Spirit Soaring”

  1. Nathan says:

    …and then have some chocolate :-)

    Having a good few really deep sighs, right from the base of your chest all the way out, is also a really good de-stresser (why? Because you can only sigh when you’re relaxed, when you hear a sigh you feel relaxed and since the audio-processing part of the brain is wrapped around the rest the relaxation flows in right through your brain. Wonderful)

  2. Swan says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you. (And it really works!)

  3. Thanks Michele for the positive comment at my site http://www.explorelifeblog.com and thanks for making it easier to make comments.

    I like your ocean breath idea which I have used effectively with those wanting to relax or focus on their breath center. I have them inhale with the ocean as it goes out and then exhale as the ocean flows back toward the shore. The other way works also. Inhale ocean of breath as it flow toward you and then exhale as it flows away. I use to live at the beach a loved this visualization. Have a good week, Joseph

  4. Eduardo says:

    I loved that, a little mental holiday in the middle of my work day!

    Reminds of this article on the ‘art of doing nothing’
    Truthteller site

  5. Lawrence says:

    Hi, I enjoyed the images and feelings your words bring about.

    Thanks for the inspirational journey,

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