Happiness is LOW C / C4

How much time do you spend Criticizing in relation to time you devote to creating Confidence, Competence, Credibility and Concern in the people you live or work with?Confidence Creditability Caring Concern

What is your C / C4 ratio?

Criticism is Very Counter Productive! Criticism focuses on what’s wrong, bad or deficient. It leaves people deflated and confused.

Hammering On Wrongs Does NOT Communicate What Is Right, good, successful or appropriate! Criticism hurts people and gives them no hint as to what they should do to improve.

Think instead about what you can do to Create the Four C’s…

Confidence – People must feel good about themselves and their abilities to succeed and perform well.

Competence – We must know what excellence is in order to achieve it.

Credibility – People must think your words and insights can help them.

Concern – We must honestly care in order to listen, absorb and apply your message. If we don’t care, your communication is lost completely.

We all need to be able to recognize and rigorously reject wrongs in order to succeed and do well. This requires no more than 10% of our time.

Focus on Rehearsing, Reinforcing and Rewarding Rights… good, upright actions, activities and responses.

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4 Responses to “Happiness is LOW C / C4”

  1. CJ says:

    I think that “good criticism” is occasionally appropriate but has a very different and recognizable quality: namely, it springs forth spontaneously out of genuine concern for the other person. However, the more common “bad criticism” generally arises from some sort of irritability. Often it is just criticising someone for being different to ourselves, even if their viewpoint is not necessarily wrong. Sometimes it arises from jealousy, when we criticise another to “take them off their pedestal and put them back in their place”.

    I find that when I focus on the 4 C’s, criticism dies away, and if I do ever offer some advice, it has a very different quality.

  2. Ville says:

    You have very nice blog. It gives me some ideas to my own blog and of course ideas how my life would be happier. So thank you and keep up the good work!

  3. Sophiagurl says:

    I totally that criticism is not productive. I work with 12 people in my team and I believe those 4 Cs will be very helpful. Would you know if your book is available here in the Philippines. I love inspirational books…incidentally i tagged you! I hope you don’t mind. please check out my recent post for the details. =)

  4. Alexis says:

    Michele …Wow. I love your blog. I’ve been researching about happiness for a project I’m working on and your studies are terrific. They remind me of the studies Karen Salmansohn posts on her blog at http://www.notsalmon.com and has on her Sirius radio show Be Happy Dammit. You should write to her and maybe she’ll have you on her radio show! Keep up the fabulous posts! Gee! I just improved my c/c4 ratio by complimenting you!!

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