NBC’s Pursuit of Happiness – Monday

Fans of the Happiness Habit are talking about What NBC Didn’t Say About Happiness watch the video and read the articles.Happy NBC logo

They didn’t mention any of the enduring, universal time tested truths for living a happy, spiritually successful life…

Be Guided By Goodness, Fuel Your Life With Fun, Your Aim Determines Your Achievements, Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods, Focus On How You Want To Feel, Drive Discipline With Desire, Live According To Your Aspirations Not Your Inclinations, Touch People With A Positive Spirit, Live By Only The Highest And Best Values, Be Driven By Desire Not Duress, Love Propels Happiness!

NBC focused exclusively on external environmental factors that bring happiness citing positive relationships, work place appreciation and Laughter Classes. What do you do if you don’t have these things?

They close by saying, “the key is finding things that make you happy and keep you that way!” This means you are supposed to search for external things rather than build internal skills to be happy. Great for an advertiser based business!

Fans of the Happiness Habit know why Get Going With A Giggle is so helpful. Laugher loosens tight tummy muscles, helps you breathe easily from the bottom of your belly and stimulates serotonin, the brain’s natural happiness hormone.

NBC’s Happiness Test titled “Are You Satisfied With Your Life?” asks viewers to judge how ideal their lives are. Judgment generally quells happiness.

If you’re not satisfied, what do you do? Why not offer suggestions and insights that help people be happier?

In my city NBC’s Happiness segment was sandwiched between Fosamax and Aleve commercials. Drug companies are big network advertisers. The happiness experts shown come from Psychology departments at major universities that are dedicated to treating disease.

Is there any wonder NBC didn’t share any of the true, simple secrets to happiness?

The Happiness Habit pages in HappinenssHabit.com describe how to live a happy, spiritually successful life. Virtue is the basis for all happiness. Make Happiness YOUR Habit!

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