Scientists Can’t Define Happiness!

happybeaker.jpgDo you feel frustrated by reading about recent Happiness Research at major universities?

Are you looking for ways to be happier and find this research offers no clues as to what to do? You are not alone, we all face the same quandary. Here’s why…

Academic / scientific research usually involves qualities that are measurable and verifiable so the studies can be repeated with the same results. That’s why we have all the emphasis on measuring subjective happiness, relative indexes and comparative results.

Researchers must rely on qualities that can be measured so their studies can be repeated and yield similar results so they can be considered valid.

Measuring happiness does not describe how to attain it! They are two very different goals, processes and functions.

Many philosophers, psychiatrists and great thinkers throughout time have written that comparisons and analysis of Happiness actually defeats happiness. We agree. Why stop being happy to try to measure our happiness? What difference do these measurements make? Do they help you to be happier?

Once you measure relative happiness, what good does it do you?

If we want to be happy or happier, we need to focus on developing the skills, habits and strategies that lead to happy lives. There are simple, universal, eternal truths to living a happy, spiritually successful life. If we practice them we will be happier.

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