Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods

The Fault Finding Feel Goods are one of the biggest barriers to happiness and spiritual success. Avoid them if you want to be happy.

What are the Fault Finding Feel Goods?

The Fault Finding Feel Goods are all those terribly tempting tendencies to criticize, blame, complain or judge to elevate ourselves and our self esteem. FFFGs-2003

The Fault Finding Feel Goods make us feel good on some level by putting other things or other people down.

The problem is that we’re focusing on negatives and that’s not the way to happiness or to spiritual success!

Since we feel good by complaining about what is wrong, we have no vested interest in trying to help improve it or change it.

This means we tend to stay stuck in our negativity and to continue wallowing in wrongs.

The Fault Finding Feel Goods take many forms… blame, complaints, judgmental criticism, ridicule and bigotry.

Have you ever met a critic who seemed really happy? Their primary source of joy is putting something or someone else down.

Recognize and Reject the Fault Finding Feel Goods if you want to be happy and spiritually successful.

Refocus your time and attention on positive, inspiring thoughts and actions that will help you to achieve, succeed and be happy.

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