Freedom2HappyJumpWe are at our best and able to perform our best when we are Up, energized, enthusiastic and happy.

Habitually Happy People try to have a good time all of the time. They know this is the best way to perform well.

Summoning up energy, enthusiasm and determination to complete tasks well is just as important as defining good plans.

Decide what you are going to do and find ways to make work enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful.  Fuel your life and your work with fun.  When you make work fun you never have to toil again.

Loving your work, taking pride in what you do and finding ways to make it fun and fulfilling makes work flow effectively and efficiently.

“Ridiculous” cry critics, “You can’t expect to have fun and a good time all of the time!”

“I can!”  Habitually Happy people reply, or “I can try.”  “With an attitude like that you’ll never be truly happy!”

Habitually Happy People try to get the most from every moment, they try to have a good time all of the time.   Because they try to find ways to enjoy life and work, they generally do.

They don’t allow themselves to waste time in self pity or in making their own misery.  “Time spent in a down mood is time wasted” one happy person commented.

“You can choose your mood and attitude,” another happy person said, “I choose to try to be happy and feel good almost all of the time.”

They creatively reinvent tasks to make them fun, challenging and rewarding. They don’t tolerate down, distressed or dismal moods for long.

You Never Feel Better By Focusing On How Badly You Feel.

Explore, Enjoy And Employ Skills And Strategies Used By Habitually Happy People And Become Happier Yourself.

Make Happiness YOUR Habit!

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4 Responses to “Try To Have A GOOD Time ALL THE TIME”

  1. SamanthaB says:

    Hi Great Post, Can you talk a bit about how eudonic and hedonic pleasures play into your advice. I was just reading about eudonic pleasures over on Emotional Brain Training News and am interested in it.
    Thanks for your thoughts!

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  3. Well, many people never discover that life becomes joyous only when you view every aspect of it from the light point of view. They imagine to be happy, you need to have everything and a lot of time with no problem which is wholly wrong…Good post!!

  4. kimberly Zepeda says:

    The part of being happy at work is true. We have to make work fun for us to enjoy and have good experiences. When i get to work i feel very exhausted and bored, but once i find something to do and to have fun with i take advantage of it. Being happy at work can be tough at times, but not everything in your life has to be boring. You have to find something to smile about even if it’s the smallest thing you can think of that what life is all about. I know that when i go into work i will be dealing with rude costumers, but i have to go with an open mind and just be happy. I need to put myself in a place where no one is going to make me break out of my happiness. Even when i go out i have to go with a happy attitude and see things in a positive way. Instead of being all bored and negative i have to put myself in that happy place. It’s like why are you going out if you’re just going to ruin the day with your negativity. You need to be known by having a great character in you. I myself can sometimes bring out the worst temper ever, but then i say, Is this really going to help me with what i want to accomplish? The answer is NO. When i get mad and moody no one can handle me every one wants me out. This is where I put myself in a happy place. I meditated, breath, and relax.

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