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We’ve been HACKED and we’re bouncing back, hopefully soon! Many of our images and some of our content were deleted. We’re reviving and restructuring the entire site.

Explore our happiness quotes explaining how to create happiness and a happy life. Use the Search Box on the right to look for happy quotes and topics in this blog that are important to you.  Enjoy HappinessHabit.com and  Creating-Happiness.com!

Links to some of our most popular quotes for creating a happy life:

Dealing Distress & Despair:  Don’t Beat Yourself Up! · Bouncing Back Quickly, Powerfully ·  Feeling Overwhelmed? ·  Dealing With Dangerous, Deranged Thoughts  ·   Detach From Distress and Despair ·  Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods · Defeating the Dismal Downers  ·   NEW – Happiness Habits For Veterans

Creating Happiness: Have A Good Time All The Time ·  YOUR Best ·   Savor, Enjoy, Appreciate ·  Forgiveness And Happiness ·  Fight With Finesse · What Are Habitually Happy People? ·  Can You Really Be Happy All of the Time? ·  Happiness Lessons From The Godfather · Love Powers Happiness ·  Happiness And Greatness ·  Happiness Without Hardness ·  Happiness And Pride ·  Happiness & Mastering The Art Of Living · Happiness And “Work”

Sadly, the Happiness Blog is being hacked – it’s been seeded with typos, links are being broken, sentences rearranged or garbled so they don’t make sense.  We’re fixing these problems as fast as we find them. If you come across anything weird, please Tweet us or Comment to alert us so we can fix it. MANY THANKS!

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3 Responses to “Happy Happiness Blog!”

  1. ryanw says:

    Ah, thanks for sharing.. A great resource on happiness! A few more blogs like this and the world will be a happier place.

  2. Zardoz64 says:

    Really like your blog and would love to talk about possibly having you guest post on my blog, the Ministry of Happines, ministryofhappines.wordpress.com and on Facebook.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great resources on happiness. Really love all the posts in this blog. Hope your issues with the blog can quickly be resolved.

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