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Detach from Unnecessary Distress and Despair

Detach from Distress and DespairWhy do we often embrace, expand and wallow in our emotional pain?

Emotional Pain Is A Powerful Distractor That Robs Us of Happiness and Spiritual Success.

Engaging In Unnecessary Pain is Masochistic. So why do we do it?

Emotional pain is a powerful source of negative energy that seizes and holds our attention.  It’s nature’s way of saying we need to stop what we’re doing to take care of things.

Thinking About Bad Things, and Reliving Painful Scenarios Gives Us Powerful Jolts of Negative Energy. They Are Our Own Personal Horror Shows.

We are both energized and made miserable by this emotional pain. I’s a source of negative energy that brings misery.

Sources of energy are attractive to us… laughter, love, thrills, great music, exercise, elevating experiences, sexual attractions, triumphs and achievement.  Emotional pain that gives us jolts of negative energy is also attractive, but in a misery making way.

Remembering and Reliving Misery, Reinforces Our Misery.  Reliving distressing situations becomes our own personal horror shows.  They gives us  jolts of energy with a large negative toll.

Recognize it for what it is, a jolt of negative energy from a bad source. Ask yourself,

“Is this positive or productive?”
“Is this helping me in some way?”
“Is this the best use of my time and attention?”

If not, detach and decisively resolve to NOT to give it a moment more of your time, attention or well-being. Painful thoughts are robbing you of pleasant present opportunities for no reason.

Detach and Distract Yourself from Destructive Misery, Distress and Despair.

Resolve to Direct Your Attention to Positive, Pleasant Solutions, Opportunities and Activities.

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