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Happiness and “Work”

gears3largeWork Is A Series of Steps To
Success, Achievement
And Satisfaction

The word “work” conveys wonderful feelings and images…

A “work of art” describing special beauty, or…

“life’s work,” the pride and satisfaction we gain from personal and professional achievements.

Work is wonderful.

For other people, “work” means misery, difficulty and pain.

Anything associated with “work” must be avoided at all cost.
“Work” is by nature unattractive, burdensome and distasteful.
“Work” deprives us of fun and enjoyment.

Habitually Happy people enjoy very different perspectives. They view “Work” as steps to success and achievement.  They love to achieve and succeed so they always try to enjoy their work.

Habitually happy people decide what they are going to do and then they decide to find ways to enjoy it.  The best way to excel and do well at anything is to cultivate a love for what you do.

They know viewing something they have to do as dreary, difficult or distasteful allows bad attitudes to work against them. They align their attitudes to support their goals, ambitions and decisions.

Even dull,  repetitive work feeds families and allows people to pursue hobbies and higher goals.  Take pride in doing simple things extraordinarily well.

View Work As Steps To Success And Achieving Your Goals. Relish and enjoy each step and you will never toil again.

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