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Single Candles


The Light of a Single Candle
Is Not Diminished By
Lighting a Thousand More.

This is also true of happiness.
Happiness is not diminished by sharing it.

If we decide to summon up a genuine sense of joy and honest appreciation and then continually project it, we can’t help but take on a more positive mood ourselves.

Our Focus Determines Our Feelings.  It’s the First Law of Happiness. By focusing our time and attention on projecting good things we feel good.  We may easily brighten someone else’s day as well.

We’re not trying to manipulate people’s moods or make people happy.

We’re simply trying to touch the people we meet with a positive spirit, an honest, enthusiastic smile and genuine appreciation…

A smile and a warm “Good morning” or an unexpected “Enjoy a beautiful evening.”

A heartfelt hello and smile for the lady who hands you coffee in the morning, the bus driver, the toll taker, the men on the sanitation trucks. Everyone you meet.

Imagine what would happen if we all decided to end our aloof, reserved indifference by radiating a genuine sense of warmth? If strangers smiled and acknowledged us as we greeted them the same way?

A single second of shared joy and appreciation to warm our moment as we pass by to enjoy our day.

What would happen if everyone decided to do it?  Even for just a day?  Would we keep it going and make it a habit?

Some people will scowl and shrink away and that’s okay.  We have already brightened our own moment and we’re not allowing them to darken our day. They are the people who need a bright smile and a warm greeting the most.HBcandles4

What would happen if we all decided to do it even for just a day?

We would be much happier, our day much warmer, the world more joyful.  We wouldn’t want to stop.

When shall we try it?

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