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Happiness Habits for Veterans

American Soldier in the Sunset“Can you help me?” is a frequent response from veterans when I mention Happiness Habit skills. Here are highlights of what I say…

Wrap the Pain In Love – Remember what a big, warm, loving hug feels like?  Whenever you need it, give yourself a big hug and wrap your pain, fear and bad memories in love.

When bad thoughts or feelings come to mind, picture yourself getting a great big warm hug and remember how great it makes you feel.  Mentally give yourself that big, wonderful hug. Wrap the pain, the fear and the bad memories in love.

Enjoy that warm, loving hug for a few moments, and then immediately shift your attention to positive, constructive objectives. You don’t have to physically hug yourself to have this work well and nobody needs to know what you’re thinking or doing.

Our Happiness Habit research shows the happiest people are the most loving people – they love what they do, they love the people around them, they love their work and they love themselves.  Wherever love is limited or lacking, there is no happiness. To be happy, try to love expansively and extensively.

Our Focus Determines Our Feelings – Thinking about bad things makes feel sad, angry or anxious. Shifting our attention to good things makes us feel happy, energized and enthusiastic.

That’s why it’s so important to move from problems to possible positive solutions quickly.  Focusing on what’s wrong keeps us stuck in misery.

Painful visions and memories give us powerful jolts of Negative Energy, they are our own personal horror shows.  Defuse those bad thoughts by wrapping them in love and then shifting attention to pleasant objectives. They are painful distraction from the happy life you want to enjoy.

Revolt & Rebel against letting painful past memories take control of your thoughts and feelings.  Fight back and refuse to give them control.  Wrap them in love and refocus your attention on being happy and whatever you are trying to achieve.

Happiness Is Healing – Happiness is the best way to put painful experiences behind us.  Expect everything you do to be enjoyable and then try to make everything you do fun, interesting and rewarding.

Try To Have A Good Time All Of The Time.  Fuel Your Life And Your Work With Love And Fun.  

This posting will be expanded soon.  Hope it helps!

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