Happiness Is Kind

Happiness Is Kind

Kindness is Goodness and Love in Action.

Kindness is reaching out and giving a gift of caring, compassion and concern to others. Even small, seemingly insignificant gestures can often mean a great deal to a person in need.

Habitually Happy People are extraordinarily kind. And they are also very independent. They are the ones who will break from the crowd to extend kindness to an individual in distress when everyone else is hostile or aloof. They do it because no one else is doing it and they know it needs to be done.

By extending love and kindness to others we feel love within ourselves. When we extend love to the unlovable, we become certain we are loved and lovable ourselves.

Happiness Habit: Skills & Strategies of Habitually Happy People
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It does not take much to be kind to others and to use the proverbial expression “birng a glass of water to those that need it and to do not fret”…..Kindness has a way of returning…..but even if does not be kind to others anyway……..

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