Happiness in Relationships

Happiness in RelationshipsWhat makes for happy, successful lives and relationships?

Friendship, Trust and Teamwork

There is no greater gift than to help a person achieve their goals.

Good happy relationships help people achieve their goals and their dreams!

“But we’re so different!” is a frequent concern.  People who work, live or spend time together happily and successfully grow together over time.  We are enriched by differences and learn from them.

Key questions to ask…

  • Are our goals the same?  Do we want to achieve the same things?  Do we want to travel to the same destinations in five, ten and twenty years?
  • Is my life truly better with them or without them?
  • Are our values the same?
  • Are we compatible, do we enjoy spending time together?
  • Do I have FUN with this person?  Do they make me laugh?

Do Your Homework Before Becoming Involved 

Spend time building friendship, trust and teamwork.  If you can’t do it early in a relationship, you probably won’t be able to do it later once your emotions are hooked.

There’s a big problem with allowing sexuality to drive relationships.  A person who is inappropriate but sexually attractive draws us into situations that are not good for us.  The relationship supplies sexual highs but none of the key components of a good, healthy, successful relationship.

Friendship, trust and teamwork carry relationships over long distances and through difficult times towards happiness, success and achieving our dreams.

Focus on Friendship, Trust and Teamwork for happy, spiritually successful relationships!

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