Happiness Without Pursuit

happystpetersburg1.jpgShould Happiness Be Pursued? Or does happiness flow best and naturally just from a life well lived?

See Happiness Without Pursuit
Mark Teeter 3/17/07 St. Petersburg Times

One of my grandfathers pursued happiness and the other did not. The first tried a dozen disparate jobs but found only modest success and fleeting satisfaction.

The non-pursuer — a rare combination of journalist, historian and Methodist minister — did all three for their own sake and that of others, and did them very well. When he died, Time magazine titled his obituary “A Happy Man.”

It’s a wonderful article and analysis of happiness in Russia!

See HappinessHabit.com for more insights about how to live a happy life.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a very interesting question: should we pursue happiness?

    I think, more rather, that life is made up of periods of happiness and periods of sorrow, mixed in, of course, with tons of other emotions–some lighter, some steeped in dripping juice. So it is neither pointless nor unreasonable to seek happiness. But I always say that happiness is more often achieved from the inside out rather than from outside phenomenon. It’s true that outside things can make us feel elated, but in the end, towards the end of our lives, we must search for truth and happiness within ourselves.

    Sure, we should pursue happiness, but we should remain wary that sorrow is in the path of every single human being.

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