Dealing With Dangerous, Deranged Thoughts

angrymonkeyEveryone has dangerous, deranged thoughts from time to time,  even the happiest,  most admirable,  sane and stable people among us.

Dangerous, deranged thoughts can drive us crazy and do us great harm if we do not deal with them quickly, dramatically and effectively.

The Key to Happiness and Spiritual Success Is to Immediately RECOGNIZE  Dangerous, Deranged Thoughts for What They Really Are, RAPIDLY REJECT  Them and Immediately REDIRECT ATTENTION To Positive Thoughts, Actions and Objectives.

Don’t give dangerous, deranged thoughts time and attention to take hold. It’s always easier to step out of a shallow spot than having to climb out of a deep hole.

The Happiness Habit  “Practice Being The Person You Want To Be” Is a Powerful, Positive Protector.

When you encounter bad, dangerous deranged thinking, immediately reject it and redirect your attention to answering the question, “How would the person I want to be think, act and feel, what would they do?”

Visualize yourself as the person you want to be, take on their perspectives and persona and “Practice Being The Person You Want To Be.” It’s that simple!

What are dangerous and deranged thoughts? Thoughts that are illegal, harmful or detrimental to your health and well-being or hurtful to others.

This illustrates The Three Fundamental Truths that are the Foundation of the Happiness Habit:

1) The most important decision we make on a moment to moment basis is where we focus our time and attention. The sum of these decisions is our life.

2) Whatever we focus our minds upon expands in our consciousness. Whatever we give time and attention to grows in our reality.

3) Thoughts have consequences just like actions have consequences. Beware of the Consequences of Your Thoughts is just an important warning as Beware of the Consequences of Your Actions!

Try it the next time you are hit with a dangerous, deranged thought.

Recognize and Reject Dangerous, Deranged Thoughts and Redirect Your Attention To Positive Activities and Objectives.

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