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When we are stressed and overwrought, it’s easy to loose sight of all the beauty and goodness that continually surrounds us.

Stop and spend time SEAing, Savoring, Enjoying and Appreciating simple pleasures that bring  joy and happiness.

Deciding to use pleasant, enjoyable experiences to raise your spirits and refusing to let negative forces to drag you down is an important key to happiness.

OceanWavesHBlogSavor Pleasing Sensations – warm sunshine on your face, a soft breeze on your skin, the taste of a favorite tea.

Enjoy Pleasant Experiences – great music, a brisk walk, a warm shower, working hard on valued activities, a good book.

Appreciate Activities that bring joy – admiring achievements, a beautiful sunset,  acts of kindness, generosity and compassion.

Whenever you notice something wonderful or beautiful, resolve to spend a few special extra moments SEAing it too, Savoring, Enjoying and Appreciating its goodness to lift your spirits.

It’s a technique that elevates your mood and super charges your well-being whenever you need it.

Nothing around to Savor, Enjoy or Appreciate?

Recall and relive those special times when you felt absolutely marvelous.  Use those memories to brighten your mood, energize, and expand your appreciation of the pleasant things in life.

Remember the energy and enthusiasm of an exciting day, the warmth of tender moments or the wonderful rubbery feelings of relaxation when you need to calm down.

Use pleasant experience in the present and in memories to brighten your mood whenever you wish.

When you SEE something wonderful, spend a few extra seconds Savoring, Enjoying & Appreciating, SEAing it too. It builds happiness.

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