Nourish Your Happiness

Have ever you noticed that eating certain foods makes you feel unusually strong, mentally sharp and successful?

Nourish your happiness by eating foods that strengthen your good feelings, mental acuity and well-being!

Curling up with a half pint of Haagen-Daz ice cream can certainly tastes good and make us feel good while we’re eating it, but the sugar, cholesterol and calorie guilt can leave us feeling queasy, uneasy, even sleazy afterward.

For me, eating high protein foods like salmon, leafy green spinach salads and fresh fruit helps me feel at my best, mentally alert and strong. When I know I’ve done my best with my food choice my conscience is clear.  See for recipes.

Starches, pasta and pizza make me feel sleepy and stupid. Dairy products like cheese, milk and ice cream make me sleepy. Great for insomnia but bad when you want to be sharp and alert.

For me, eating sugars on an empty stomach sets off a raging craving to eat more and drives my blood sugar wild. It interferes with my ability to concentrate and leaves me feeling much less than my best.

Everyone is different, we all react differently to different foods.

Notice what foods make you feel especially good and try to eat them all of the time. Avoid foods that make you feel bad, uncomfortable or guilty.

Do you really want to trade a few moments of sweet pleasure for hours or even days of distress, discomfort, feeling bad?

Be sure to see The Happy Guy’s excellent Nutrition for Happiness posting which includes a link to a fascinating website The World’s Healthiest Foods.

Note all the foods on the list are natural foods that have been eaten and enjoyed for thousands of years. How many foods on this list are your favorite foods that make you feel especially good when you eat them?

The huge percentage of sugars, processed foods and preservatives that now dominates our diets has only occurred in the last 200 years. Humanity evolved without these modern faux foods, the list says we are better off without them.

Find foods that make you feel especially good when you eat them, enjoy them regularly. Avoid foods that don’t.  Explore for inexpensive, delicious, nutritious, fast, fun easy recipes!

Nourish Your Happiness!

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