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Greater Happiness And Less Pain In Hard Times

Happiness In Hard Times™ shares key skills and strategies that help people Triumph Over Tough Times with greater happiness and less pain.

The insights come from our interviews and studies of habitually happy, spiritually successful people from different walks of life and personal situations.

Many of the people we studied cheerfully conquered challenges not unlike what many of us face today. They refused to let their difficulties get them down.

Each strategy is time tested, powerful and proven effective.  We use them ourselves to stay balanced, focused and happy despite extraordinary difficulties. They offer amazing relief and surprising happiness.

What do you have to loose, why not try them?

To begin, print and explore the Happiness In Hard Times concept card. It’s the same card we give away at our events and appearances.

Expanded, Specific Strategies for each item in printable pdf format are shown below. Print them for yourself or to share with people who need new insights, attractive alternatives and fresh perspectives on dealing with difficult times.

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To be happier right now, resolve to Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods and Avoid All UnNecessary, Non- Productive NegativityDon’t Beat Yourself Up over problems and difficulties.

In Hard Times it is especially important to Love Expansively and Extensively. Decide to SEA – Savor, Enjoy & Appreciate Good Things, Try To Have A Good Time All Of The Time, Do YOUR Best, and continually Try To Be YOUR Best All Of The Time.

Channel any anger or anguish about errors and mistakes toward fixing problems, identifying, practicing and strengthening skills that will help you to triumph and be happy in the future.

Happiness In Hard Times – Specific Strategies

Here are links to attractive, printable descriptions of the Happiness In Hard Times concept card in pdf format. We’ll add new descriptions until the list is complete. BE PATIENT – they are large files ~400 kb. Skeptics see Really?

Wrap The Pain In Love – Don’t deny or dismiss the emotional pain that comes from major life losses and devastating changes. Wrap the pain in love. Give yourself warm, comforting hugs. When you feel the pain, comfort yourself and wrap the pain in love.

Action, Activity & Achievement Are Healing – Address high priority tasks in small, specific steps. Try to be at YOUR Best all of the time. Make lists, check off and celebrate completed tasks. Achievement is encouraging and empowering. Happiness Is Healing.

Revolt & Rebel – Against situations and forces that distress or depress your spirit. Don’t give them control of your thoughts, actions or feelings. Don’t help them hurt you.

Explore, Enjoy New Experiences – Crises and changed circumstances offer new joys, new opportunities, new benefits. Acquire new skills, strengthen existing capabilities, expand your definitions of happiness and success in new or changed environments.

Choose Your Mood & Attitude – Picture yourself happy, successful and confident. Consciously connect with those feelings, project them and they become genuinely yours.

Turn Negative Judgments Into Positive Action Items – Negative judgments fuel all fear, worry, anxiety and despair. Ask,“Can this negative judgment help me in some way?” If YES, turn the negative judgment into positive action items. If NO, discard it. Focus your time, energy and attention on activities that build happiness and spiritual success.

Letting Go Does NOT Mean Giving Up – It means achieving goals in different ways. Find new sources of happiness, joy and success in new or changed circumstances.

Misery Is Meant To Make Us Move– Misery signals something has changed, something needs to change, or both. Make changes to stop the misery. You may need to change what you are doing, how you are thinking, what you are feeling or change all three.

Turn Distress & Despair Into A Determined Desire To Triumph – Redirect misery into a defiant desire to triumph over difficulties, enjoy life, prosper and be happy.

Decide What You’re Going To Do, Find Ways To Enjoy It – Enthusiasm, energy and determination to complete tasks well are just as important as developing good plans.

Use Anger To Your Advantage – Channel anger toward positive, constructive purposes. Use anger to help you rebound, triumph over difficulties and be happy.

Be Kind, Honest, Have Integrity, Live By Good Values – Living by good values helps you to feel good. No matter how things turn out, you know you did YOUR Best.

Love Expansively – Love propels happiness. Loving is something we can decide to do. To be happy, love what you do, love the people around you, love your work, love yourself.

Enjoying Happiness In Hard Times – How to use Happiness In Hard Times strategies to bring greater happiness into your life right now.  Steps to make your life more enjoyable immediately.  SPECIAL ADDED SECTION.

Facts & Laws of HappinessThe Three Laws of Happiness and Three Fundamental Facts that are the foundation of the Happiness Habit.

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